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Ms. Yuying Chen 陈玉莹

Postdoc Fellow (2023 - )

Research Centre for Fire Engineering

Department of Building Services Engineering

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Office: ZN 808



Ms. Yuying Chen is currently a PhD student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She received her M. Eng. degree from the State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2020. She received her B. Eng. degree from China University of Petroleum in 2017. Her research fields include Smoldering Fire and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

陈玉莹,香港理工大学屋宇设备工程学系、消防工程研究中心博士研究生,北京理工大学爆炸科学与技术国家重点实验室硕士 (2020),中国石油大学学士 (2017)。主要研究领域涉及阴燃火灾和计算流体动力学。

Background of Education:

​2017-2020, M. Eng. in State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology.

2013-2017, B. Eng. in Safety Engineering, China University of Petroleum.


Research Interest:

Smoldering Fire, Computational Fluid Dynamics


Prizes and Awards:

1. 2020 Outstanding Master Degree Thesis Award, Beijing Institute of Technology

2. 2019 National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Journal Paper:

  1. Y. Chen, S. Lin, N. C. Surawski, X. Huang*. Carbon Analysis of Smouldering-based Biowaste Processing Technology. Carbon. (Under review) 

  2. Y. Chen, S. Lin*, Z. Liang, X. Huang*. Clean Smoldering Biowaste Process: Effect of Burning Direction on Smoke Purification by Self-Sustained Flame. Fuel Processing Technology. (Accepted)

  3. Y. Chen, S. Lin, Z. Liang, N. C. Surawski, X. Huang*. Smouldering Organic Waste Removal Technology with Smoke Emissions Cleaned by Self-sustained Flame. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2022: 132363.

  4. Y. Chen, Z. Liang, S. Lin, X. Huang*. Limits of sustaining a flame above smoldering woody biomass. Combustion Science and Technology, 2022:1-19.

  5. Y. Chen, Q. Zhang, M. Li, M. Yuan, D. Wu, X. Qian⁎. Experimental study on explosion characteristics of DME-blended LPG mixtures in a closed vessel, Fuel, 2019, 248: 232-240.

  6. Y. Chen, X. Qian, Q. Zhang, L. Fu, M. Yuan⁎. Study on the effects of initial pressure and temperature on the explosion characteristics of DME-blended LPG mixtures in an obstructed confined pipeline, Fuel, 2019, 257: 116047.

  7. Q. Zhang, Y. Chen, T. Fan, M. Yuan, Z. Liu, P. Huang, X. Qian*, Flame dynamics and flammability limit of DME(30%)/LPG blended clean fuel in elongated closed pipeline under multi-factors, Fuel, 2019, 254: 115731.

  8. Q. Zhang, X. Qian*, Y. Chen, M. Yuan. Deflagration shock wave dynamics of DME/LPG blended clean fuel under the coupling effect of initial pressure and equivalence ratio in elongated closed space[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020, 250: 119572.

  9. Q. Zhang, X. Qian*, Y. Chen, M. Li, D. Wu, M. Yuan, D. Wang. Effect of DME addition on flame dynamics of LPG/DME blended fuel in tail space of closed pipeline[J]. Energy, 2020, 202: 117749.

Conference Paper:

  • Y. Chen, S. Lin, X. Huang*, A Review of Characteristic Smoldering Temperature, Chinese National Combustion Symposium, Xiamen, China, 12-15 Nov 2020 [Poster]


  • Y. Chen, S. Lin, X. Huang, Z. Liang, A mobile and real-time smouldering processing system and method for organic solid wastes, China Patent, No. 2022104633262 陈玉莹,林少润,黄鑫炎,梁志荣,一种移动式有机固废阴燃及时处理系统及方法,中国专利,申请编号:2022104633262

  •  X. Huang, Y. Chen, S. Lin, An excess-enthalpy smouldering combustion system and method based on flaming heat recovery, China Patent, No. 2022104522058 黄鑫炎、陈玉莹、林少润,一种基于尾气火焰回热的超焓阴燃系统与方法,中国专利,申请编号:2022104522058

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