Wildland Fire


Wildland fire is a natural phenomenon on Earth. But the increasing frequency and severity of wildfire pose an enormous threat to local populations, natural resources, and contribute carbon and particulate emissions to the earth-climate system. Over the last few decades, extreme wildfires (mega-fires) have a big impact on the environment, human life, and property and have posed significant economic losses as demonstrated by devastating wildfires. At the global scale, the impact of wildfires is expected to increase dramatically in the future because of the combined effects of the spreading of the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and climate changes. 

Our research aims to investigate wildland fires using small-scale laboratory experiments, field campaigns, remote sensing and numerical modeling. This important research will enhance our understanding of fires and to develop new approaches to mitigate their harmful effects.

•    Ignition and fire behaviors of wildland fuels
•    Smoldering wildfire
•    Urban-Wildland Interface (WUI) fire
•    Spotting fire and firebrands
•    Wildland fire monitoring and modelling


  • Fundamental Study on the Hot-Particle Ignition Phenomena in the Wildland-Urban Interface, PolyU Postdoctoral Fellowship (G-YW3W), HK$756K, 2019-2021;

  • Fundamental Study on the Firebrand Ignition of Building Insulation Materials, PolyU Start-up Fund (BE-04), HK$ 500K, PI, 01/10/2017 - 30/09/2020;

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Project members:

Supan Wang

Shaorun Lin