Battery Fire Safety


Facing the crisis of fossil fuel depletion, global warming, and climate change, Li-ion battery is perceived as the most promising solution for the alternative energy source. However, the frequent occurrence of battery fire poses a severe threat to public safety, becoming a significant obstacle for further developing and applying electric vehicles. Compared with conventional fire, the fire hazards exhibited by Li-ion batteries are immensely disparate in initiation route, spread rate, duration, toxicity, and suppression. 


Our research focuses on the thermal runaway characteristics of Li-ion batteries under various conditions and the fire protection technologies of the battery pack for electric vehicles. Through experiments and numerical simulations, we are designing a reliable fire suppression technology and a sophisticated battery fire protection strategy. The research outcomes will not only support the future development of safe high-energy batteries but also help lay a good scientific foundation for the emerging development of fire-safe electric vehicles.


  • Self-heating ignition and fire hazards of high-energy lithium-ion batteries, RGC Early Stage Scheme (ECS), HK$ 600K, 2019 - 2022;

  • Study on spread of thermal runaway and fire safety of Li-ion battery, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovative Project Fund, HK$ 500K, 2020 - 2022; 

Representative publications:

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Project members:

Yanhui Liu

Peiyi (Sally) Sun