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Past News (before 2020)


Caiyi, Shaorun and Peiyi attend the 1st Aisa-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School in Chile. 

11 November 2019

Dr. Caiyi Xiong, Mr. Shaorun Lin and Ms. Peiyi Sun are funded to attend the 1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School in Chile. They also share their latest research in poster section.


Shaorun and Peiyi win the Student Essay Competition  2019 

6 November 2019

Mr. Shaorun Lin and Ms. Peiyi Sun win the Top Award and Merit Award of the Student Essay Competition 2019 organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (Fire Division), in recognition of their high level of understanding of the fire engineering.


Xinyan publishes his first review paper on wire and cable fire. 

3 November 2019

Electrical wires and cables have been identified as a potential source of fire in residential buildings, nuclear power plants, aircraft, and spacecraft. This work reviews the recent understandings of the fundamental combustion processes in wire fire over the last three decades.


PolyU Fire group attends the China National Symposium on Combustion 

24 Oct 2019

Our groups attend the 2019 China National Symposium on Combustion and give several oral and poster presentations to showcast our latest research outcomes. In this symposium, Dr. Xinyan Huang is awarded the Best Popular Science Work Award and Dr. Caiyi Xiong is award the Best Poster Award.


Xinyan to be awarded Proulx Early Career Awards at 13th IAFSS Symposium in Waterloo, Canada

24 Sep 2019

Dr. Xinyan Huang is awarded the Proulx Early Career Awards, in recognition of his research contributions that have impacted fire safety science and technology.


A new postdoc joins in Fire Lab

25 Sep 2019

Dr. Xiqiang Wu joins PolyU Fire Lab as a postdoc researcher, who got his PhD from University of Hong Kong. His expertise is Structure Fire.


Peiyi visits Beijing to attend the Tsinghua-Princeton Combustion Summer School and the ICDERS 2019 , and to conduct droptower experiment. 

3 Aug 2019

Ms. Peiyi Sun visit Beijing in Summer. She attends the Tsinghua-Princeton Combustion Summer School and the ICERS 2019. She also conducts the droptower experiments in Chinese Academy of Science.

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PolyU Fire Group receives HK$33 million from RGC Theme-based Research Scheme “SureFire: Smart Urban Resilience and Firefighting.” 

25 July 2019

Addressing key scientific challenges of smart firefighting and emergency response to make critical event forecasting technically possible and urban infrastructure more resilient to the fire hazards. This 5-year project is led by Prof. Asif Usmani and includes HKU, UCL, Edinburgh, Tsinghua, Arup, NIST, HKFSD, USTC, Huawei, Ehang, and SCFRI.


Shaorun attends 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion in Japan 

10 July 2019

Mr. Shaorun Lin attends the 12th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, in Fukuoka Japan,  where he shares his lastest research on near extinction flame behavior and extinction limits of timber materials.

Peat flame diagram.png

Shaorun and Peiyi Publish their first paper in PolyU

18 June 2019

It is well known that peat soils can support smoldering wildfires. However, can peat soil also can support a flaming fire spreading rapidly above the ground? We designed a lab-scale experiment to prove the possibility and critical condition for flame ignition of peat soil, and this work is published in the top fire journal, International Journal of Wildland Fire

消防一工程卓越大獎2019-3 - Cut-min.jpg

Xinyan wins the inaugural HKIE Fire Division Grand Award

3 June 2019

Dr Xinyan Huang's latest paper "Critical Drip Size and Blue Flame Shedding of Dripping Ignition in Fire" published in Scientific Reports, is recognized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Fire Division as the breakthrough in fundamental fire research and is awarded the Grand Award. The work is also featured in the local newspaper.  

2019 new members.jpg

Several new members join in Fire Lab


1 June 2019

Dr Caiyi Xiong is the first postdoc in Fire Lab, who got his PhD from the University of Science & Technology of China (USTC). His expertise is Numerical Modeling. 

Mr Younggi Park is the first overseas member in PolyU, who got his master from Chung Ang University, Korea.

Mr Yanhui Liu is the new master student, whose research topic is battery fire.


Xinyan wins the Prestigious  Bernard Lewis Fellowship

6 Aug 2018

Dr Xinyan Huang is among the six recipients of the 2018 Bernard Lewis Fellowship, from the Combustion Institute . This fellowship is established to encourage high quality research in combustion by young scientists and engineers.

Xinyan wins the inaugural Publons ECR Reviewers’ Choice Award

15 Sep 2018

Dr Xinyan Huang shone among the over 600 nominees from countries around the world and became the ultimate winner of the ECR Reviewers' Choice Award organized by Publons, a global peer-review platform for researchers, for being an “active, careful, enthusiastic, constructive and responsible reviewer.”

Official news in Publons    PolyU news



Shaorun wins the Hong Kong-Macau-Guangdong Outstanding Graduate Award in Civil Engineering

30 Jun 2018

Mr Shaorun Lin is awarded the Outstanding Graduates Award from The Guangdong Society of Civil Engineering and Architecture in order to honor prominent graduates for his excellent achievement in the undergraduate stage.

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