Fire Suppression Technologies


Firefighting is a permanent topic in fire safety research, and the seeking of improved tactics and technologies for flame suppression and reducing the risk of firefighter and the damage to the environment is of particular significance.

As such, we propose the technology of flame extinguishing by applying acoustic waves, which does not need water storage or additional hardware and can be pre-installed in buildings. The target flames to be studied cover most of the typical fire scenarios, particularly the moving dripping and firebrand flames [1,2]. This research can guide the design of new firefighting technologies to mitigate the fire hazard.

The study of flame behaviors under the acoustic environment is complicated because the acoustic fields of flame and acoustic are not independent but coupled with each other. Our research aims to reveal the underlying mechanism of this flame-acoustic coupling through lab-scale experiments, theoretical analysis, and numerical simulation. Specifically, 
•    Investigate the response behavior of flame to acoustic
•    Modelling the flame-acoustic coupling dynamics
•    Explore the mechanism of acoustic flame extinction
•    Develop acoustic fire suppression technology


Funding: Study on the Acoustically Driven Response and Extinction of Buoyant Diffusion Flame, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 52006185), RMB 240K, 2021 - 2023 (PI: Dr Caiyi Xiong).


Representative publications

[1] Xiong C, Liu Y, Xu C, Huang X (2020) Acoustical Extinction of Flame on Moving Firebrand for Fire Protection in Wildland-Urban Interface. Fire Technology.
[2] Xiong C, Liu Y, Xu C, Huang X (2020) Extinguishing the dripping flame by acoustic wave. Fire Safety Journal. 103109.



•    Huang X, Xiong C, Liu Y, Xu C (2020) A fire extinguishing system based on acoustically driven flame extinction. China Patent, Application No. 201911058483.X.
•    Huang X, Xiong C, Fan H (2020) A 3-D fire detecting system based on the use of acoustics. China Patent, Application No. 2020091200200110

Project members

Firebrand flame extinguished by acoustic wave

Dr Caiyi Xiong

Yanhui Liu

Haoran Fan