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Intelligent Dynamic Emergency Response

We propose a Smart Building Emergency System that applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to a smart signage network. This network can guide residences towards the shortest and safest evacuation paths in a fire event. This system will be a core component of future smart firefighting technology.


Our PhD student Ho Yin Wong has found a start-up company GABES to develop this product. This system will be applied to the next generation smart and resilient building that will help Hong Kong achieve the status of the world's leading smart city.

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Autonomous Firefighting Robots


The current application of firefighting robots is still in the primary stage of manual remote control of a single robot. Our Research Assistant Meng Wang is currently developing the next generation of smart firefighting robots and has co-founded a start-up company of Wide Mount DynamicsSuch an autonomous Firefighting Robot technology aims to provide a collaborative smart multi-agent firefighting solution by developing multiple types of highly autonomous robots working on land and air to assist firefighters in detection, rescue, fire extinguishing and other tasks.


Awards and Investments:

  • PolyU Maker Fund Programme 2021, HK$ 600,000

  • HK Tech 300 Angel Fund 2022, HK$ 1,000,000

  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Ideation Programme 2022, HK$ 100,000

  • Champion & Favourite Team Award in the “Smart @Gwin E&M IoT Application Challenge”, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), HK Government (2022)

  • No. 4 in Digital Future Challenge Ideation Gala, PolyU (2022)

Core Members


Ho Yin Wong

Wang Meng.jpg

Meng Wang


Xiaoning Zhang

Cheung Wai Kit_Photo.jpg

Wat Kit Cheung

Xinghao Chen.jpg

Xinghao Chen

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