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Ms. Peiyi Sun

PhD candidate

Department of Building Services Engineering, 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Room: ZN 808

Phone: (852) 2765 7198



Miss Peiyi sun is a PhD student of the Research Center for Fire Engineering. She received her M.Eng. degree from the Department of Building Service Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2018. After that, she joined the research group of fire led by Dr Xinyan Huang. 


Ph.D.   Hong Kong Polytechnic University    2019-2022 (Exp)

            Thesis: Dripping ignition dynamics and fire hazards    Advisor: Prof. Xinyan Huang


M.Eng. Hong Kong Polytechnic University    2017-2018

            Building Services Engineering         Advisor: Prof. Asif Sohail Usmani

            Thesis: A study of vertical fire spread in multi-story buildings of balcony depth


B.Eng. Tianjing Chengjian University    2013-2017

            Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Research Interests

Dripping fire phenomena, battery fire, Computational Modelling of Fire

Awards Interests

  • SFPE Jack Bono Awards (First-author) for Engineering communication                        2021

  • Best Poster Awards (co-author) China National Symposium on Combustion                2019-2020

  • The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award                                                             2020

  • Student Essay Competition -Merit Award HKIE Fire Division                                       2019

Journal Publications:

Selected conference communications:

  1. P. Sun, Y. Jia, X. Zhang and X. Huang. Ignition by continual polyethylene drips and the soaking processes, 12th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, Queensland, Australia, 7-9 Dec 2021. [Oral]

  2. P.Sun, Y.Jia, X Zhang, X Huang. Dripping Ignition of Porous Materials: The Effect of Soaking. 38th Symposium Work in Progress Poster, 24-29 Jan 2021. [Poster]

  3. P. Sun, S. Lin and X. Huang, Experimental study on the dripping ignition of thin fuel.13th International Association on Fire Science, 2020. [Poster].

  4. P. Sun, D. Chao, X. Zhang and X. Huang, Small scale fire whirl experiment in low-pressure environment.13th International Association on Fire Science, 2020. [Poster].

  5. Xiong C.Y., Sun P.Y. and Huang X.Y. Numerical modeling of flame evolution behind a falling polymer drip. 13th International Association on Fire Science, 2020. [Poster].

  6. P. Sun, C. Wu, F. Zhu, S. Wang, X. Huang, Microgravity Combustion of Polyethylene Droplet in Drop Tower, Presented at the 1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School, Viña del Mar, Chile, 10-16 Nov 2019. [Poster]

  7. P. Sun, S. Lin, X. Huang, Fire Hazard and Ignition Mechanism of Thermoplastic Drips, Presented at the 1st Asia-Pacific Combustion Institute Summer School, Viña del Mar, Chile, 10-16 Nov 2019. [Poster]

  8. P. Sun, S. Lin, X. Huang, Experimental study of dripping ignition, China National Symposium on Combustion, Tianjin, China, 24-27 Oct 2019. [Paper + Oral]

  9. S.Lin, P. Sun, X.Huang, Critical Conditions for Flaming Peat Fire in Wildland, 6th Fire Behaviour and Fuels Conference, Sydney, Australia, April 29-May 3, 2019.[Oral]

  10. S. Lin, P. Sun, X. Huang, Three-Stage Combustion of Peat under External Radiation, 8th East Asia Mechanical Engineering Workshop, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1-3 Dec 2018, Hong Kong, China. [Paper + Oral]

  11. L. Guo, C. Chen, H. Niu, Z. Li, X. Jiang, S. Mo, P. Sun, X. Huang. Characterization of thermal runaway propagation induced by thermal abuse in 18650 lithium-ion battery module,11th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (AOSFST), Taipei, Taiwan, 21-25 Oct 2018. [Paper + Oral]

  12. P. Sun, S. Lin, X. Huang, How dripping flames ignite a thin fuel,  27th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive systems, 28th-2nd August 2019, Beijing, China. [Paper + Oral]


  • P. Sun, C. Xu, X. Huang, Y. Jia, An experimental method of investigating dripping ignition and a system of generating dripping flame. Application No. 202010284391.X 孙培艺、许沧粟、黄鑫炎、贾逸凡,一种研究滴落点火的实验方法和产生滴落火焰的系统,中国专利,申请编号:202010284391.X 

  • S. Wang, Y. Zhang, C. Xu, P. Sun, X. Huang, An experimental method and device to simulate the ignition behaviors by the high-temperature and high-speed particle, China Patent, Application No. 202010143225. 8王苏盼、张玉、许沧粟、孙培艺、黄鑫炎,一种模拟高温高速颗粒点火特性的实验方法及实验装置,中国专利,申请编号:202010143225. 8

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