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Congliang Ye

Postdoc Fellow (2023 - )

Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Office: ZN 808




Dr Congliang Ye is a postdoc fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received his PhD in Safety Science and Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology. His research fields include explosion dynamics, thermal safety, firefighting technology, computational fluid dynamics simulation.

Background of Education

  • PhD, Beijing Institute of Technology (2022)

  • B. Eng. & M.Eng., Nanjing Tech University (2016)


Research Interests

Explosion Dynamics, Thermal Safety, Firefighting Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation


Journal Publication (English)

Journal Publication (Chinese)

  • C.Ye, X. Pan, X. Guo (2017) The small-scale experimental study on warming effect of high expansion foam to LNG vapor. Fire Science and Technology. 叶从亮,潘旭海,冯桂,郭秀霞(2017)高倍泡沫对LNG加热效果的小尺寸实验研究。消防科学与技术。

  • B. He, Q. Yang, C. Ye, X. Pan (2017) Simulated experimental study for the effectiveness of the highly expandable foam via the accelerated leakage LNG dispersion. Journal of Safety and Environment. 贺宝龙,杨倩,叶从亮,潘旭海,华敏(2017)高倍泡沫加速泄漏LNG扩散的有效性模拟试验。安全与环境学报。

  • L. Wang, M. Hua, B. He, C. Ye, X. Pan, J. Jiang. (2015) Analysis of the influential factors on the risks of LNG storage tank leakage. Journal of Safety and Environment. 王琳,华敏,贺宝龙,叶从亮,潘旭海,蒋军成(2015)LNG储罐泄漏危险性影响因素分析。安全与环境学报。


  • C. Ye, Q. Zhang(2023). Study on multi-effect field in vapor-liquid two-phase detonation.The 2023 China National Symposium on Combustion, Hefei, China, 12-15 October 2023. [Poster] 

  • C. Ye, M. Hua, X. Pan, B. He, J. Jiang (2015). Development of heat transfer and evaporation mathematical model of LNG covered by Hi-Ex foam and experiment validation. 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, Nice, France, Sep 2015.(Poster)

Patent (Chinese)

  1. X. Pan, C. Ye, M. Hua, B. He, Q. Yang, J. Jiang.  A new measurement system and calculation method of LNG evaporation rate, 2015, China, ZL201510844009.5. 潘旭海,叶从亮,华敏,贺宝龙,杨倩,蒋军成. 一种LNG蒸发速率的测量系统及计算方法,2015,中国,ZL201510844009.5

  2. X. Pan, C. Ye, M. Hua, B. He, Q. Yang, J. Jiang. An experimental equipment for high-expansion foam accelerating LNG vapor diffusion, 2016, China, ZL201520958276.0. 潘旭海,叶从亮,华敏,贺宝龙,杨倩,蒋军成. 高倍泡沫加速LNG蒸气扩散效果的实验装置,2016,中国,ZL201520958276.0

  3. X. Pan, C. Ye, M. Hua, B. He, Q. Yang, J. Jiang. A test system for high-expansion foam accelerating LNG vapor diffusion, 2016, China, ZL201520962564.3. 潘旭海,叶从亮,华敏,贺宝龙,杨倩,蒋军成. 高倍泡沫加速LNG蒸气扩散效果的测试系统,2016,中国,ZL201520962564.3

  4. X. Pan, M. Hua, C. Ye, B. He, J. Jiang.  A system for measuring LNG evaporation rate, 2016, China, ZL201520958253.X. 潘旭海,华敏,叶从亮,贺宝龙,蒋军成. 一种LNG蒸发速率的测量系统,2016,中国,ZL201520958253.X

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