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Dr Xinyan Huang 黄鑫炎

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Dept of Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Deputy Director, Research Center for Fire Safety Engineering

Memeber, Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development

Address: ZS 832, BLK Z, 181 Chatham Road South, Kowloon, Hong Kong       

Google Scholar Profile        CV


Research Areas

Combustion Science, Fire Protection Engineering, New Energy Technologies

  • Ph.D. in Mech. Engineering, Imperial College London (2016)

  • M.Sc. in Mech. Engineering, University of California, San Diego (2012)

  • B.Eng. in Thermal Engineering, Southeast University, China (2010)


Dr Shaorun Lin  林少润

Postdoc Fellow (2021 - )


Linkedin Website  ResearchGate

Research Areas: Fire Dynamics, Smoldering Fire, Peat Fire, Wildland Fire, Fire Ecology, and Waste Management

  • PhD, HK Polytechnic University (2021) 

  • BEng, Shenzhen University (2018)


Dr Rahul Wadhwani

Postdoc Fellow (2022 - )


Research: Wildfire Simulation, Extreme Wildfire Behaviour, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Machine Learning 

  • PhD, Victoria University, Melbourne (2019)

  • MSc,  Indian Institute of Technology (2014)


WeChat Image_20200324131709.png

Dr Peiyi (Sally) Sun  孙培艺

Postdoc Fellow (2022 - )


Linkedin Website   ResearchGate

Research: Dripping Fire, Phase Change, Fire Dynamics

  • PhD, HK Polytechnic University (2022) 

  • MEng, HK Polytechnic University (2018) 

  • BEng, Tianjing Chengjian University, China (2017)


Dr Shakeel Ahmad

Postdoc Fellow (2022 - )


Research: Heat transfer, Phase-change, Thermal management, Interfacial thermal transport, Machine learning

  • PhD, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2019)

  • MSc, Xi’an Jiaotong University (2015).



Tianhang Zhang 张天航

PhD student (2020 - )


Research: Smart Firefighting, Tunnel Fire and Ventilation.

  • MEng, Zhejiang University (2020)

  • BEng, Zhejiang University (2017)


Zilong Wang 王自龙

PhD Student (2020 - )


Research: Smart firefighting and Fire Numerical Simulation.

  • MEng, Univ. of Science and Technology of China (2020)

  • BEng, China University of Mining & Technology (2017)


LingChu (Sue) Su  蘇鈴筑

Part-time PhD Student (2019 - )

Email:         Linkedin Website

Research: Smart firefighting, performance-based fire engineering design

  • MSc, University of Leeds, UK (2015)

  • BSc, Central Police University, Taiwan (2010)



Yuying Chen 陈玉莹

PhD student (2020 - )


Research: Smoldering fire,  CFD, Biomass combustion

  • MEng, Beijing Institute of Technology (2020)

  • BEng, China University of Petroleum (2017)

WeChat Image_20200324131238.jpg

Xiaoning Zhang   张小宁 

PhD Student (2021 - )


Research: Tunnel Fire, Fire Modeling, and AIoT 

  • MSc, HK Polytechnic University (2020

  • BEng, China University of Petroleum(2019)

Yanhui Liu.jpg

Yanhui Liu 刘彦辉

PhD Student (2021 - )


Research: Fire Dynamics and Thermal Safety of Battery

  • MEng, HK Polytechnic University   (2020) 

  • BEng, Southwest Jiaotong University (2017)


Yunzhu Qin  秦蕴竹

PhD Student (2021 - )


Research: Smouldering, Wildland Fire and Fire Ecology, Fire Emission

  • BEng, Sichuan University (2021)


IMG_3507全白底 申根簽證_edited.jpg

Yizhou Li   李逸舟 

PhD Student (2021 - )


Google Scholar   ResearchGate 

Research: Wildfire, Coal Fire, AI-based Firefighting

  • BEng, China University of Mining & Technology (2021)


WeChat Image_20210515102229.jpg

Yanfu Zeng 曾彦夫

PhD Student (2021 - )


Research: Smart Firefighting, Performance-based Fire Engineering Design, Fire Modeling

  • MSc, University of Leeds, UK (2018) 

  • BEng, Southwest Jiaotong University (2017)

Cheung Wai Kit_Photo.jpg

Wai Kit (Wilson) Cheung 張偉傑

PhD student (2022 - )


Research: Smouldering fire, performance-based design, fire modelling and firefighting robots

  • BEng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2022)


Ding Yifei.jpg

Yifei Ding  丁一飞

PhD student (2022 - )


Research: Smart Firefighting

  • BEng, South China University of Technology (2022)



Ho Yin Wong   黃灝賢 

PhD Student (2021 - )


Research: AIoT Sensor, Smart firefighting

  • BEng, City University of Hong Kong (2021)


Lei Zhang.jpg

Lei Zhang  张磊

PhD Student (2023 - )


Research: Battery thermal safety, Battery structure

  • MEng, Imperial College London (2021 -)

  • BEng, Jiangnan University (2021) 


Wang Meng.jpg

Meng Wang  王蒙

Research Assistant (2022 - )


Research: Smart firefighting, Firefighting robots

  • MSc, HK Univ of Science and Technology (2022)

  • BEng, Yangzhou University (2019)


XIE Zonghao.jpg

Zonghao Xie  谢宗昊

Research Assistant (2022 - )


Research: Hydrogen safety, Smart firefighting

  • MEng, HK Univ of Science and Technology (2022)

  • BEng, Southwest Jiaotong University (2021)


Wang Fuqiu.jpg

Fuqiu Wang   王福秋

Research Assistant (2022 - )


Research:  Smart Evacuation with VR and AR, Smart firefighting

  • MSc, Tokyo University of Science (2017)

  • BEng, Yangzhou University (2014)


Previous Fire Lab Members

Past Visiting Scholars

Prof. Cangsu XU 许沧粟

Visiting Professor (2019-20) 

Associate Prof. at Zhejiang University


Prof. Supan Wang 王苏盼

Visiting Scholar (2019-20) 

Associate Prof. at Nanjing Tech University

Past Postdoc Fellows

Dr Xiqiang Wu 吴西强

Postdoc Fellow (2020)

PhD in University of Hong Kong (2019) 

Current Position: Associate Professor at Southeast University, China

Yuan Han.png

Dr Han Yuan 袁晗

Postdoc Fellow (2021) 

PhD in Imperial College London(2021) 

Current Position: Postdoc at Imperial College London

Liang Zhirong.JPG

Dr Zhirong Liang 梁志荣

Postdoc Fellow (2021)

PhD in Beihang University (2017)

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Zhongfa Aviation University, Hangzhou

Dr Aatif Ali Khan

Postdoc Fellow (2021-22)

PhD in PolyU (2021)

Current Position: Lecturer at University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Dr Caiyi Xiong 熊才溢

Postdoc Fellow (2019-2022)

PhD in University of Science and Technology of China (2019) 

Current Position: Tenure-track Assistant Professor at South China University of Technology

Past Research Assistants / Visiting Students

Mr Younggi Park

Research Assistant (2019-20)

Project: Smart firefighting in tunnel

Current Position: CFD Engineer in LG Co.


Dayang Nur Sakinah Binti Musa

Visiting PhD student (2022)

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Zhang Yichao.jpg

Mr Yichao Zhang  张轶超

Visiting Master Student (2022)

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

Past Master Students

Mr Xiao Yang 萧洋 

MEng in BSE (2018-19) 

Project: Suppression of peat fire by rainfall

Current Position: CEO Assistant at Galaxy Holding Group


Haoran Fan   范浩然  

Research Assistant (2020)

MSc. in Building Services Engineering (with distinction), HK PolyU

Research Areas: Flame Spread theory

Alvis Chow.jpg

Alvis Chow   周梓謙

Research Assistant (2020-21) 

Current Position: Engineer at Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)

Peng cheng.jpg

Cheng Peng   彭程 

Master Student (2020-2021)

Project: Numerical Validation of Empirical Fire Plume Models

Current Position: Engineer at Bright Future Chinese Medicine Ltd.

​Ms Yifan JIA  贾逸凡 

MEng in BSE (2019-20)

Project: Fire Hazards of Thermoplastic Drips: dripping Ignition Theory.

Current Position: China Railway Design Corporation, Tianjin

Mr Jingze Zhu 朱靖哲

MEng in BSE (2018-19) 

Project: Fire impact to NPP in the strike by a passenger jet 

Current Position: Engineer at Guangdong Academy of Building Research Group Co. Ltd

Mr Yau Kuen (Daniel) CHEUNG  張有權

Undergraduate Assistant (2019-20) 

Project: An experimental study on the water-based peat fire suppression

Past Undergraduate Students

Ms Haiwei (Flora) Li  李海蔚

Undergrad Assistant (2018-19) 

Project: Fire Impact on the Drying Process in Porous Soils

Current Position: PhD Student at University of Cambridge with full scholarship


Siyan Wang   王思言 

Undergrad Assistant (2020-21)

Project: Ignition mechanism of concentrated sunlight

Current Position: PhD Student at University of California, Berkeley with full scholarship


Gulzhan Aldan

Undergrad Assistant (2020-21)

Project: Immersion Cooling for Li-ion battery

Current Position: PhD Student at University of Pennsylvania with full scholarship

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