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Fire Tests


The PolyU Fire Engineering laboratory has the most advanced fire testing equipment and facilities in Hong Kong to conduct various local and international standard fire tests (UL, ASTM, NFPA, ISO, etc.).

Our lab facilities include:

  1. Two 35-m2 large fire testing rooms well-equipped with inlet airflow, ventilation systems, fire suppression, and sensors. 

  2. Standard cone calorimeter for material combustibility and fume hoods for small-scale fire experiments.

  3. Test platform for fire emission measurements (Portable gas analyser, Shimadzu GC-FID, PerkinElmer STA-IR, and self-designed laser sensors).  

Fire Modelling


Fire is an extremely complex process. To understand the fire phenomena and conduct any fire safety evaluation, building the right fire model is critical. We are the top experts in different modelling methodologies, including

  1. Establishing a simplified mathematical model to describe the fire and understand the governing mechanism;

  2. Conducting laboratory fire experiments to model possible fire hazards and reproduce the fire incidents; and

  3. Developing computational simulations to numerically model the fire developments and hazards inside buildings, as well as predict the human behaviours in fires with advanced VR and AR technologies.


Fire Investigation and Consultancy 

As the world's leading fire research lab, we conduct different kinds of analysis for fire-related incidents, such as arson, fire safety of the product, building fire safety design, and fire risk assessment. We provide the most professional expert report to support the fire investigation, conduct fire tests, write expert reports, and testify in court for both civil and
 criminal cases. 

We support the Legal Aid Department and accept media interviews about fire-related incidents.
 Please contact Dr Xinyan Huang ( for more details. 

Selected Past Consulting Cases:

  • Examine the fire resistance of the sound insulation panel for construction contractor (2022)

  • Investigation of the fire door damage in an arson case (2021)

  • Arson investigation for tin-sheet houses fire (2020)

  • Fire and explosion impact on the safe shell of nuclear power plants (2019)

  • Flammability evaluation of various engineering timber materials (2018)

  • Develop a new technique to quantify the flammability limit of wildland fuels (2018)

  • Fire risk evaluation of a coal shipping pile (2017)

  • Fire safety assessment of portable gasoline container (2017)

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