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Xiaoning Zhang

PhD Student (2020 - )

Research Center for Fire Safety Engineering

Building Services Engineering

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Office: ZN 808

GitHub webpage:


Mr Xiaoning Zhang is currently a PhD Student of the Research Center for Fire Safety Engineering. He received his M.Sc Degree from Department of Building Services Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2020. He also received his B.Eng. degree from China University of Petroleum in 2019. His research interests are in smart firefighting, tunnel fire and fire modelling.

Background of Education:

B.Eng. in Safety Engineering, China University of Petroleum (2019)

MSc. in Fire and Safety Engineering, HK PolyU (2020)


Research Areas:

Smart Firefighting, Tunnel Fire and Fire Modelling


Journal Paper:

  1. X. Zhang, X. Wu, X. Huang (2022). Smart real-time forecast of transient tunnel fires by a dual-agent deep learning model, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology (Under Review)

  2. Y. Zeng#, X. Zhang#, L. Su, X. Wu, X. Huang (2022). An Artificial Intelligence Software (IFETool) for Building Fire Safety Analysis and Performance-Based Design. Building Simulation (Under Review)

  3. S. Muhammad#, X. Zhang#, X. Huang, Q. Wang, A. Usmani (2022). Assessing Fidelity of Ultrasonic Distance Sensor in Fire and Smoke Environment. IEEE Access (Under Review)

  4. Y. Jiang1, M. Li, X. Wu, X. Zhang, X. Huang, G. G. Huang (2022) A Multi-Domain Ubiquitous Digital Twin Model for Product Lifecycle Management of Complex Equipment. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (Under Review)

  5. X. Wu, X. Zhang, Y. Jiang,  X. Huang, G. G. Huang, & A. Usmani (2022). An intelligent tunnel firefighting system and small-scale demonstration, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 120, 104301.

  6. X. Zhang, X. Wu, Y. Park, X. Huang, T. Zhang, F. Xiao, A. Usmani (2020) Perspectives of Big Experimental Database and Artificial Intelligence in Tunnel Fire Research, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 108, 103691. 

  7. X. Wu, X. Zhang, X. Huang, F. Xiao, A. Usmani (2021) A Real-time Fire Forecast in Tunnel Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Building Simulation, 15 (4), 511-524.

  8. L. Su, X. Wu, X. Zhang, X. Huang (2021) Smart Performance-Based Design for Building Fire Safety: Prediction of Smoke Motion via AI, Journal of Building Engineering, 43, 102529. 

  9. P Sun, X Zhang, C Ding, X. Huang (2021). Effect of reduced pressure on burning dynamics of fire whirls, Fire Safety Journal, 125, 103419.

  10. P. Sun, Y. Jia, X. Zhang, X. Huang (2021) Fire Risk of Dripping Flame: Piloted Ignition and Soaking Effect, Fire Safety Journal, 122, 103360.

Conference communications:

  1. X. Zhang, X. Wu, X. Huang. Prediction Model for Tunnel Fire Development and Spread. 12th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, 7-9 Dec 2021. [Paper + Oral]

  2. X. Wu, X. Zhang, X. Huang, F. Xiao, A. Usmani. AI-Based Prediction of Fire Source in Tunnel Fire. 38th International Symposium on Combustion, 24-29 Jan 2021. [Poster]

  3. P. Sun, X. Zhang, C. Ding and X. Huang, Small scale fire whirl experiment in low-pressure environment. 13th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, 2020. [Poster].

  4. P. Sun, Y. Jia, X. Zhang, X. Huang, Dripping Ignition of Porous Materials: The Effect of Soaking, 38th International Symposium on Combustion, 24-29 Jan 2021. [Poster]



  1. X. Huang, X. Zhang, et al., A method and tool for building fire engineering design based on artificial intelligence. Invention Patent [CN], CN114036613A.

  2. X. Huang, X. Wu, X. Zhang, et al., A methodology and system for building fire safety monitoring based on artificial intelligence and digital twin, Invention Patent [CN], CN114187728A.



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