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Dr Han Yuan 袁晗

Postdoc Fellow (2020 - )

Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

Department of Building Services Engineering

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Office: ZN 808



Dr. Yuan is a postdoc fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received his PhD (2020) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, where he computationally studied the self-heating ignition and smouldering combustion of carbon-rich porous media. He got his ME (2016) and BE (2013) from Tongji University and Central South university respectively, during which he focused on the heat transfer and thermodynamics systems.

袁晗,香港理工大学屋宇设备工程学系、消防工程研究中心博士后;帝国理工学院博士(2020);同济大学硕士(2016);中南大学学士(2013)。主要研究领域涉及基础燃烧科学(包括燃烧学、热力学、传热与传质、化学反应动力学)。博士期间获帝国理工校长奖学金全额资助,曾获得帝国理工工程学院Dean's fund, 中国国家研究生奖学金,上海市优秀毕业生等。

Background of Education:

  • 2016.10-2020.12 Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London  

  • 2013.9-2016.3 M.Eng, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University

  • 2009.9-2013.6 B.Eng, School of Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University

Research Interest:

Fire Dynamics and Modelling; Self-heating Ignition and Smouldering; Heat Transfer and Thermal Energy

Prizes and Awards:​​

  • President’s PhD Scholarship (2016-2020), Imperial College London

  • Dean’s Fund of Engineering Faculty (2019), Imperial College London

  • Graduate Excellence Award of Shanghai (2016), Shanghai City

  • Exceptional Student Award of Tongji University (2016), Tongji University

  • Xia Anshi Graduate Scholarship (2015), XiaAnshi Scholarship Committee

  • National Graduate Scholarship(2014-2015), Ministry of Education of P.R.C

  • Outstanding Youth of Central South University(2012-2013), Central South University 



 Journal Paper:

Book/Technical Manual:


 Conference Paper:

  •  H Yuan, F Restuccia, G Rein. Computational study of self-heating ignition in peatland. 11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium. 16-20 June, 2019. Tenerife, Spain. (Peer-reviewed paper + Merit Paper selected by the committee)

  • H Yuan, F Restuccia, F Richter, G Rein. Computational study on self-heating ignition of porous fuel layers. 11th FM Global Open Source CFD Fire Modelling Workshop. 5-6 June, 2019. Norwood, USA. (Oral)

  • H Yuan, G Rein. Computational study of self-heating ignition of peat layers. The Great Fired-up of London Workshop. 16-17 May, 2019. London, UK. (Oral)

  • H Yuan, G Rein. Computational study on self-heating ignition behaviour of carbon-rich soil. A Change Planet: The Joint DTP Conference. 10-11 Sep, 2018. London, UK. (Oral)

  • H Yuan, Jiuling Yang, et al. Computational Pyrolysis of PMMA: Comparison Between GPYRO and COMSOL. 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). 12–16 Jun, 2017. Lund University, Sweden. (Poster)

  • H Yuan, C-L Zhang. Regenerated air cycle potentials in heat pump applications. 11th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants. 31 Aug.-02 Sep, 2014. Hangzhou, China. (Peer-reviewed paper +Best Paper Award selected by the committee)

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