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Fuqiu Wang

Research Assistant (2022 - )

Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


Office: ZN 808


Miss Fuqiu Wang is a research assistant at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She received her M.Sc. degree from the Tokyo University of Science. Her current research is related to Smart Evacuation with VR and AR, Smart Firefighting and Machine Learning.    

Background of Education:

  • 2015 - 2017, M.Sc., Tokyo University of Science


Research Areas:

Phased-Evacuation in High-rise Building, Machine learning, Indoor air pollutant dynamics, Sprinkler and water mist systems, Fire protection system.

Research Experience:

1. Analysis of total evacuation in a typical high-rise office building using a simulation on evacuation flow on stairs to find an optimal scenario based on a phased evacuation, supervised by Prof. Mizuno, Prof.Sekizawa, Tokyo University of Science

  • Made presentation in Fire Society of Japan

  • Made poster display in 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science 

2. Comparison of congestion situation in staircase by the phased evacuation scenario, Leader and Core Member, supervised by Prof. Mizuno, Tokyo University of Science

  • Participate in evacuation training of high-rise office buildings (IBM Japan ) in Tokyo. 

  • Use modeling simulation to analyze the different phased evacuation scenarios. 

  • Choose the best evacuation scenario in the limited situation and summarize the evacuation guidance. 

3. Simulation of Two-Zone model simulates the smoke movement in the buildings, Leader and Core Member, supervised by Prof. Mizuno, Tokyo University of Science

  • Use reality building data to simulate the smoke movement of different fire cases. 

  • Establish a comprehensive evaluation system of indoor air quality, heat and humidity environment, and HVAC energy consumption. 

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