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Dr. Aatif Ali Khan

Postdoc Fellow (2021 - )

Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Room: ZN 836



Currently, Dr. Aatif Ali Khan is working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has more than eight years of industrial experience as a fire protection engineer. Aatif provided consulting services to many industrial projects globally. Aatif is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) from the Institute of Fire Engineer (UK) and Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) from NFPA (USA). He was the first and founding president of the SFPE Hong Kong Student Chapter. Aatif has been focusing on developing the fire safety design for firefighters during the emergency response. He is also one of the instructors of the PolyU MOOC (online course) for fire engineering.


Ph.D.   Hong Kong Polytechnic University    2019-2021 

            Thesis: Thesis title:  Reconstruction of tall building fires for thermal response analysis 


M.Eng. Inha University, South Korea   2013-2015

            Mechanical Engineering (CFD)    

            Research: Heat Transfer Analysis and optimization in Microchannel Heat Sink. 


B.Tech. Aligarh Muslim University, India     2004-2008

            Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Fire Modelling and Structure Fire Safety

Software Development

  • OpenFIRE (Real fires): Develop a middleware for first and only open-source package for CFD-FEM coupling  

  • OpenFIRE (Idealized fires): Development of software tool for evaluating the structural response using idealized fire curves 

  • Data Mapping tool: A generic tool for CFD-FEM coupling for any commercial packages 


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Khan AA*, Usmani AS, Torero JL. Evolution of fire models for estimating structural fire-resistance. Fire Safety Journal 2021.

  2. Khan AA, Lin S, Huang X, Usmani A. Facade Fire Hazards of Bench-Scale Aluminum Composite Panel with Flame-Retardant Core. Fire Technology 2021.

  3. Khan AA, Domada RVV, Huang X, Ali Khan M, Usmani AS. Modeling the Collapse of the Plasco Building Part I: Reconstruction of Fire. Building Simulation 2021.

  4. Khan AA, Khan MA, Zhang C, Jiang L, Usmani A. OpenFIRE: An Open Computational Framework for Structural Response to Real Fires. Fire Technology 2021.

  5. Orabi MA, Khan AA*, Jiang L, Yarlagadda T, Usmani AS. Integrated Nonlinear Structural Simulation of Tall Buildings in Fire. Engineering Structures 2021.

  6. Khan MA, Khan AA*, Usmani AS, Huang X. Can fire cause the collapse of Plasco Building: A numerical investigation. Fire and Materials 2021.

  7. Khan MA, Khan AA*, Domada R, Usmani A. Fire hazard assessment, performance evaluation, and fire resistance enhancement of bridges. Structures 2021

  8. Khan MA, Khan AA*, Anwar GA, Usmani AS. Framework for fire risk assessment of bridges. Structures 2021.

  9. Khan AA, Kim KY. Evaluation of Various Channel Shapes of a Microchannel Heat Sink. International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration 2016

  10. Khan AA, Kim SM, Kim KY. Performance analysis of a microchannel heat sink with various rib configurations. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer 2016

  11. Khan AA, Kim SM, Kim KY. Multi-Objective Optimization of an Inverse Trapezoidal-Shaped Microchannel. Heat Transfer Engineering 2016

  12. Kulkarni K, Khan AA, Kim KY. Performance analysis of double-layer microchannel heat sink with various microchannel shapes. Heat Transfer Research 2018

Conferences and Presentations 

  1. Khan AA, Zhuojun N, Jiang L, Zhang M, Chen S, Ali Khan M, et al. Heating impact of localised burning in large compartment fires. AOSFST 2021 – 12th Asia-Oceania Symp. Fire Sci. Technol., The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 7-9 December 2021;

  2. Zhuojun N, Khan AA, Jiang L, Chen S, Usmani AS. Thermal response of steel beam subjected to idealised travelling fires. AOSFST 2021 – 12th Asia-Oceania Symp. Fire Sci. Technol., The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 7-9 December 2021;

  3. Domada RVV, Khan AA, Khan MA, Usmani A. OpenSees simulation of the collapse of Plasco tower in fire. SiF 2020– 11th Int. Conf. Struct. Fire, 2020.

  4. Orabi MA, Khan AA, Usmani A. An Overview of OpenSEES for Fire. Proceedings of the 1st Eurasian Conference on OpenSEES: OpenSEES Days Eurasia n.d.:1–6.

  5. Khan AA, Kim KY. Performance analysis of various geometrical shapes of microchannel heat sink using numerical simulation. NCFE Annu. Conf., South Korea;

  6. Khan AA, Kim KY. Performance analysis of various geometrical shapes of microchannel heat sink. KSFM Annu. Conf., South Korea;

Work Experience

  • Feb 2017- Dec 2018, Fire protection engineer and consultant, Asenware, Shenzhen, China 

                                         Designer: Active fire protection systems
                                         Product development: Fire Pump controllers and Fire Alarm Control Panel 

  • Jan 2015- Jan 2017, Fire protection engineer, REDA (associating with Jensen Hughes), Seoul, South Korea 

                                        Design and estimation: Overseas projects for all kind of active fire protection systems

  • Aug 2008- Jan 2013, Fire protection engineer, REDA (associating with Jensen Hughes), Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

                                        Design and estimation: Industrial projects in Middle East region for all kind of active fire                                                        protection systems 

Certification & Membership

  • Since 2022 - Chartered Engineer from Institute of Fire Engineer (UK) 

  • Since 2016 - Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), NFPA

  • Since 2022 – MIFireE (Member of Institute of Fire Engineer)

  • Since 2017- NFPA Member

  • Since 2019- SFPE Member

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